Vintage Mother Dresses


When you are getting married, you may want your mother to company you and look as beautiful as you are. When your daughter are getting married, you may want to look elegant and decent to show your happiness with your daughter’s marriage. In a word, no matter who you are, you always will pay attention to the outfit of your mother or yourself. Here is a page about vintage mother dresses, which offers you one way out. These dresses include mother of groom dresses and dresses for mother of the bride, which can both meet the demand of the bride and the groom who want their mothers to look elegant and noble on their wedding. As the name suggests, these vintage mother dresses all have a vintage style which makes these dresses look more noble and elegant. They can show the dignity of mothers. Therefore, if you are daughters, you can buy vintage mother dresses as a gift for your mothers, while if you are mothers, you can also treat yourself to one mother of bride dress to show how happy you are on the big day of your daughter.

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You can find more dresses here

Shopping and Jewelry



How are you? I hope you enjoyed Easter and I wish you wonderful days. Today I love to show you some beautiful jewelry and some photos from a normal day of shopping. The accessories are essential for our every day look. In this post I wear some special jewelry but at incredible low prices from Appleineye

“Appleineye is devoted to creating an original brand fashion jewelry which is your first choice to match the trendy clothes.

With creativity and vitality together, Appleineye helps elegant ladies to express their different characters on various occasions by wearing different styles. From the very beginning of our foundation, we insist on using natural colored gemstones and Swarovski crystals for the fabrication of our products.  “




The bracelet from Here

The necklace from Here

Happy Easter day



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Looking Good Without Dressing Up


People take fashion tips from incredibly strange places sometimes. Some people mimic their favorite celebrities or sports players; others follow the latest designer trends. People who try to go their own way and develop their own style can often find it difficult. Drawing the line between looking nice and dressing up too much is not always straightforward, and many people stress over what to wear for different occasions. Whether you are attending a formal event or just want to look nice while you are out running errands, fashion decisions can be quite time consuming.

There is no reason to spend a long time worrying about what style you want to have this spring. There are many sources of inspiration that can show us how to dress in order to look good, while also being unique. One of the places you might be surprised to take fashion tips from is the casino world. Casinos are treated as formal events and people are expected to be well dressed. In tournaments, participants wear a variety of styles and casinos are commonly considered to be top locations for people watching. Many of the top card-playing ladies are also quite fashionable and can show us how to look good at an event without overdressing.

One of the most undoubtedly fashionable women is Liz Lieu, a renowned player throughout the world with the nickname “Poker Diva” because of her sense of style. While Liz often wears very simple clothing such as jeans and a casual top, she remains a fashion icon in the poker world. This is because she often complements her outfit with accessories that accentuate her look, such as a nice leather jacket or, if she is short-sleeved, bracelets and watches that make her clothes shine. While we might have a strong desire to go after fancy patterns and designs in order to impress others, Liz Lieu is proof that you can get a reputation for being fashionable without worrying all day about what to wear—sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best!

Another example of looking good without overdressing can be seen by Carla Solinas. While many players tend to wear hoods and sunglasses simply to hide their face during a competition, Carla does this with a fashion statement. Because Carla’s sponsor uses orange for one of its primary colors, Carla plans her wardrobe around this, and she can often be seen wearing blacks and reds to complement her outfit. She also wears shades tinted with red or orange which make a great addition to her look. Like Liz, Carla shows that you do not need a fancy gown to look good for a formal event, simply wearing a neat and clean outfit with matching accessories can go a long way toward being fashionable.

What would a post about fashion be without mentioning shoes? Easily the most famous shoe connoisseur in the poker world is Beth Shak, who is known to own over 1,200 pairs of shoes. Not all of us can show up to every single event with a different pair of shoes on every time, but Beth shows us that a nice pair of heels can really make an outfit pop. She has even taken her passion to new heights and plans to open her own line of designer shoes. If Beth can become famous for her shoes in a game where she is always seated, it just shows how much people notice your footwear, so make it count!

Whether or not you decide to follow fashion trends this season or try to make up your own style, there are plenty of sources of inspiration in the world. We do not necessarily need to mimic people, simply learning how they go about developing their wardrobe can help us come up with ideas for our own. Everyone wants to look good when they are out and about, but using the right strategies when it comes to our outfits can really help us stand out from the crowd.

Style – Man and woman inspirational looks

Hello everyone,

I wish you a lovely week and a beautiful Easter holiday!

Today I have a special post. I will show 3 looks ( Feminine – 2 and 1 for man: casual and elegant – the blazer for man you can find it here ) . I will write the links where you can find the outfits after the photos of each look. Only one mention: please choose a size bigger than you usually wear from the websites.

Thank you so much for your comments and your support :)


Romwe dress

You can find the dress here

Romwe necklace


Rosewholesale  – Blazer for Man ( here )


Beyonce Midi Dress ( here )

About food and diets



How is your week-end? On week-ends I like to travel, to explore, to eat some desserts :) Usually I have a healthy diet, I don’t eat meat, only fruits and vegetables, some seeds, sometimes cheese and eggs, simple yogurt…But I have to lose 3 kilos after a long winter ! :D

I don’t believe in diets and they don’t function and if they function they make problems in the body…I believe in a healthy and balanced life, healthy food, simple and nutritive, without so many ingredients and sport. I think is the best way to lose some weight in a healthy way.  What do you think about this?

Thank you all for your support and I wish you a great Sunday! <3


No Standard Size For Prom Dress


There is no universal sizing standard for plus size women,every body may have improper area and wants to conceal it,or probably you want to make a figure,and you also want to emphasize on parts that are nice,for example,you do have a nice bust line.

There are several tricks that will be very helpful for you girls when you are thinking about what to wear.

First of all,you should know how to conceal and accentuate on your body.For instance, high waist lines are not good for the busty girls,same things go for the flat chest girls.

This sounds like a silly one,literally,the first thing you need to do is to determine how does the thing look on you,may be you could take a photo of yourself on computer,on facebook,whatever,and look at the things that you absolutely love by yourself.may be you have a beautiful gorgeous golden tan color,may be your hair,may be you have a nice bust line,whatever they are,they are going to create your own stypes,whatever you have,you really should focus on them when you are preparing to buy yourself Sexy Prom Dresses.

May you that’s not what you are fond of,maybe they are quite beautiful.On the flip side,here is the thing,each person could be very different,I am sure you have people in your life,for example,some people stated that they did not like one girl’s dressing taste,but I thought she was fabulous,but actually,may be,she does.In this circumstance,she may be conscious of what she buys and what she likes,these things are going to affect her appearance.



You might want to be modest and stunning,you want to make sure the dresses you wear are flattering,or may be cover up the things you don’t like.

This might be the things listing out your sizes for you when you are planning for a new dress,the undergarments,and this might be the most important thing,what you have underneath your clothes?Ultimately different,because something looks awesome,something looks wonderful,for example,your bra need to be completely fitted,I don’t even trust me to go to a store and try to pick Beading Prom Dresses ( one bra out immediately,sizing is typically the key thing,as for me,I will go for some places where customize these stuffs,even though they might be a little more expensive,or at least,I am going to have something fitted,writing down the sizes you need,and check on line,then order there.

Taking a look at the undergarment,it should be supportive,it kind of smoothes every thing out,there are a lot of different styles,I don’t like to wear some sort of structural undergarment.

It’s super comfortable,it just makes all the thing difference,this is the one thing you really need to invest in.

Some of the dresses and undergarments can be very expensive.Looking at how high they say the prices,you could cut down the price somehow,when you are wearing it,you should make it worth,not just look better,just make sure you get the right fitting clothes.

Bags aren’t sexy,I hope you get a little kick out at it,what I mean by a bag,it is a quite loose dresses,they are just kind of cover you,drape,just don’t come in any point,like a shawl,but even bigger.